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iThinkOutsideMyBox is the longest running, most frequented, public engagement activity on the High Line, New York's innovative elevated public space and the #1 visitor destination in the city (pre-pandemic) - three floors, one world and eight and a half million stories above Manhattan. 


In nine years, we've become the world's premier interactive studio and gallery, hosting painters from more than 100 countries, whilst growing a collection of more than 30,000 paintings - giving us a scale unlike any other public art program in the world and a mission to foster self expression throughout it.

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iThinkOutsideMyBox was founded on 8 October 2011 as a performance art and community outreach piece supporting #OccupyWallStreet, an economic equality movement, at Zuccotti Park in lower Manhattan. The project has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, the Villager, Gothamist, Daily Californian

and the New York Daily News.

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"Everitt-Carlson provides people with an outlet to take a breath. To talk. To share. His little corner of the High Line feels like a refuge from the big, wide world." - The Daily Californian

Now we're able to bring the experience to the world, through Zoom. Click on the video to the left


and see how a small community, created in Chelsea, can now join the global village in real time - interactive placemaking at the flick of a brush and click of mouse.

#iTOMB Under The Standard Hotel 10.16.15


David has been a lifetime creative, in theatre, journalism, advertising and now the public sector. Born in New York and raised around the world, he's been an actor, director, singer, sign painter,  graduate, creative director, filmmaker, journalist, VP, expat, entrepreneur, award winner, CEO, founder, professor, public speaker, mentor, consultant, author and community organizer, making him an unusually effective creative leader (More here). 


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David Everitt-Carlson

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