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My latest projects


David has been a lifetime creative, in theatre, journalism, advertising and the public sector.


                                          Born in New York and raised around the world, he's been an actor, director,                                                    singer,  sign painter, creative director, filmmaker, journalist, VP, expat,                                                                entrepreneur,  award winner, CEO, founder, professor, public speaker, mentor,                                              consultant, author and community organizer, making him unusually                                                                  effective  creative leader.


                                          His work for American Airlines ran on the Super Bowl with four

                                          CLIOs  (advertising's Oscar) shortlisted, + four more for work

                                          on Marriott in 1988. At  Leo Burnett he created campaigns

in print and television for Miller Beer, Nintendo, Sony and Kellogg’s. He was

named VP/Creative Director in 1992 and moved to be Chief Creative Officer at

the Seoul, Korea office in 95.


Following Burnett he founded, Carlson Creative,  Korea’s first 100% foreign

invested advertising agency, in 1997 with British American Tobacco,

the Korean Ministry of Finance, Samsung, LG and Hyundai as inaugural clients.


                                          Selling Carlson Creative in 1995 he moved to Vietnam, and founded

                                          aSaigon/CreativeMorning, as a monthly speaker series bringing world-class                                                creative thought leaders to Southeast Asia.


                                          David returned to the US in 2011 and founded, a public  studio                          and gallery that engages the public in public art by having the public make the art.                          Featured in the Wall Street Journal, and many other pubs it has become the world's                          largest collection of publicly painted work.



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